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06 Oct’ 2021

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing SA’s Guy Botterill and navigator Simon Vacy-Lyle are all set for a showdown in the Mpumalanga town of Secunda this weekend. The 2021 Lake Umuzi Rally will feature as rounds 5 and 6 of this year’s championship, and the defending champions will be aiming to capture as many points as possible.

“Our season has been tough so far,” says Botterill, who will again be campaigning a Class S2000 Toyota Auris in the upcoming event. “The two-round-per-weekend format adopted for this season makes it hard to score points if you have any problems on the opening day of a rally. And unfortunately for us, we’ve had anything but a problem-free year.”

The crew has been campaigning an older car in the local championship, while doing duty in their Class R4 Toyota Etios in the African Rally Championship. They have an exciting development in progress, but at present their only option is to race with the older car.

“We do have some hope that things will be better this weekend,” continues Botterill, “thanks to the rally commission allowing us to run a turbo-charged two litre engine for the remainder of the season. This engine has the same block as our old mill, but it is equipped with a turbo-charger for extra power.”

Spares for the older, normally aspirated S2000 engines had become difficult to source, while the turbo version of the engine offers spares that are more readily available. The crew had suffered two failures on the older engine earlier in the year, so a change to newer technology is sure to bring better results.

Heavy rains in the Secunda area have already prompted the organisers to make changes, and the TGRSA crew will be prepared for a wet and wild rally: “We’ve done our pre-race testing near our base in KwaZulu-Natal, as we were warned that the stages and roads in Secunda are already water-logged. So, we’re making certain that we are primed for a wet rally.”

The 2021 Lake Umuzi Rally is set to kick off with a ceremonial start at 10am on Friday, October 8th, at Eastvaal Motors in Secunda. This will be followed by six stages, with the first car scheduled to start the closing stage at 14:23. The same stages will be used on Saturday for Round 6 of the championship, again starting from Eastvaal Motors at 10am.


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