Cross country

Cross country

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing South Africa has taken part in the South African Cross-Country Series (SACCS) for many years. Drivers such as Anthony Taylor, Leeroy Poulter, Giniel de Villiers, Henk Lategan and Shameer Variawa have all lined up in their South African-built and developed Toyota Hilux race vehicles.

In recent years the team has competed in Class FIA of the series, which is almost identical in specifications to the rules used during the Dakar Rally, as well as FIA races held globally. This has allowed the team to use the SACCS as a platform to test and further develop the Toyota Hilux for Dakar.

With that said, the SACCS is more than just a test and development opportunity for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing SA - the team takes part to win, and has proudly won the overall cross-country title every year since entering the championship under the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing SA name.

2019 saw Henk Lategan and navigator Brett Cummings become the youngest cross-country champions in South African history.  The pair brought home the title again in 2021, and as such they build on a powerful legacy left behind by drivers like Apie Reyneke, Anthony Taylor and Kassie Coetzee, to name but a few of Toyota's former cross-country champions.

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